Hi-Tech School Management System

About Hi-Tech School

Hi-TechSchool is a School Management Application Software, Which is unparalleled and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students and Parents.

Hi-TechSchool Management software provides good interaction between parents and teachers. Parents can check student’s status, exam result, career graph, communication with class teacher, pay fee online, etc.

Hi-TechSchool Management software is for professional schools. The software will step your school to
Hi-tech category. Moreover than school software, Hi-Tech group contacting different events for Hi- Tech schools, contacting skill test, advanced technical training, entertainment etc. inside and outside of the school. Moreover than school software we are providing different packages to increase school rating.


1. Cost of software is very less comparatively with other softwares
2. Covering each every section for a school
2. Easy and fast access
3. Can create and use by any number of users
4. Providing correct client server relation ship
5. Data and accounts are keeping very confidential
6. Proving 1 year free service and life time warranty
7. Software will update automatically from internet with new version


The software covering following sections

1. Employee Management

All employees who are the staff of the school can register in this software. All employees must have
unique ID. If required software will provide ID cards for the staff with photo. In addition to these can add plugins for punctual machines for attendance of employees.

2. Students Management

Can enter and save each and every student details. Each student has a unique ID. Software will take
photo of the new students by webcam and will design ID card.

3. Class Management

Can arrange classes, division etc. yearly. Can assign class teacher for each class. Class teacher can enter attendance daily. The user interface and working of attendance marking is very simple. If any student is absent will send SMS to parents Class teachers have an option to write/read ediary for the students. It will send to parents through internet.

4. Fees Section

Can enter fee details/fee collection details of students, print receipt for fees. This section also contains bus fee collection according to bus route of the student. Can collect any other fee through this section. The section maintain fee fine section for late payments.

5. Pending Fees

Can view/ take print out of students details that have pending fee/fine/other fee/bus fee. User can filter the records according to class/division.

6. Exam Management

Can enter marks/grade of each student’s subject wise, in a single click result will send to parent’s net account. Parents will get all exam results as email, through Hi Techschool portal and as SMS. Parents will get an exact report of their children’s performance as graph by comparing with previous exam results.

7. Expense section

This section handling different expenses of school. Expense details will add to the ledger.

8. Bus Route Management

User can enter all bus details in the school including routes, route points etc. Can set/edit bus fee according to route points.

9. Banking section

Banking section/account details/ledger balance and other account details are highly confidential so the main admin have only permission to access these sections.

Admin Section

1. Option to create classes and syllabus.
2. Assign teachers to classes
3. Set fees for classes
4. Enter additional fees
5. Manage bus routes and assign bus fee according to route or point
6. Payroll management of employees
7. Expense report

Main Admin Section

(In addition to above all privileges)
1. Can create user for the software
2. Account statements (optional)

Parents section

1. Parents have a login in the portal; through this they can check their student’s exam result, career graph, ediary etc
2. Parents can communicate with class teacher through the portal
3. Parents can pay all fees through online
4. Parents can check their paid fee details by online
5. Can check student’s e-diary


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